My awesome niece Kylah got sock monkey socks for Christmas. I was visiting while she was out and saw one of the socks laid aside with the ear next to it. I quickly sewed it on then typed her this note, because she, too, has a strange sense of humor.  

I told her Mama, “I wonder how many times I think I am hilarious, when in reality, I am just strange.”

S:  SMS presented with right ear injury, does not seem to be painful, no bleeding on presentation, injury appears to be accidental, no suspicion of abuse

O:  BAR, friendly, BCS 5/9, no pulse, no respiration (normal for species), AD-completely severed at base of pinna, clean laceration

A: injury to base of pinna, AD, ear detached

P: exam, surgery:  ear sewn with um, brown thread, something-ought, two layer subcuticular (sub-yarn?) pattern, wound edges well-opposed, revascularazation and reinnervation should not be a problem.

Prognosis: great

Client Communication: Hi! Nice socks! Happy New Year!

Recheck: as needed

Shawn Finch, DVM