Within a week of adopting Princess Gerbil, I scooped her up and she chomped my hand hard!

When I came back from bandaging my hand (It was a pretty bad bite), I explained that she had hurt my feelings, and I was only trying to clean her home. She explained, well…I figured out…that being in a new place is scary, and she did not know me yet and was startled. Also, she did not really like being held or pet.

Over the years, Princess and I developed a close relationship – on her terms. I cleaned her home in a less scary way, kept her snacks and toys coming, and kept a comfortable distance. 

Just because I like snuggly pets does not mean Princess had to be one. When I let her be herself, we became good friends.

When Princess was three, I taught her to ring a bell for a treat. She would see me come into the room, run to her bell, hit it with her tiny front paw and come to her door with her paws out.

For over three years, Princess was a constant, cute, fun family member. She was a great little pet.

Princess Gerbil

2007 – 2011