Jed Schaible, VMD, small animal veterinarian, VETLIVE co-owner and blogger passed away on August 26, 2015.

His wife Laci, also a veterinarian, and their young son Oliver survive him.

He was thirty-six years old.


I met Jed and Laci during Blogathon 2010, led by Dr. Jessica Vogelsang of Pawcurious

They were both so kind, and driven to raise money for a little boy to receive a seizure alert dog.

In 2012, Dr. Jed Schaible wrote in perhaps his most well known article that writing a veterinary business blog is not advisable.

I sent a proposal to my boss requesting permission to start a blog. I titled the proposal, “Proving the Cute Vet Wrong.” It got the attention of Dr. Bashara. He let me start. 

I have, of course, not succeeded. Dr. Schaible was right on every point. However, I love a challenge, and to this day I am writing the blog and working hard to do the impossible.

Doctor, we are so sad to hear you are gone, and we are praying for your family. The veterinary community and indeed the world are less without your presence.