I do not do a lot of cancer care beyond surgical removal of masses. I do send pets to oncologists out of town and Dr. Byers - internal medicine and critical care specialist - here in town.

Cancer treatment in pets is different, gentler, than it is in people. The goal of cancer care in people is survival at any cost. The goal of cancer care in pets is return to a high quality of life. Both are valid goals, but they are very different.

Please do not let your decision on how far to take the medical treatment of your pet with cancer be grounded in fear.

Dr. Greg Ogilve said what we all as a veterinary community strive for better than I had heard anyone say it before...

From Dr. Greg Ogilve, the three commandments of cancer therapy,

Don’t let them hurt.

Don’t let them vomit.

Don’t let them starve.


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November 17, 2015