Dr. Greg Ogilvie, veterinary cancer and internal medicine specialist, gave a talk to veterinarians and veterinary technicians in Omaha in 2011.

These are some of my favorite quotes from that day.

"There is only one thing more frightening to clients than cancer, and that is cancer therapy."

"Vomiting from antibiotics is annoying. The exact same vomiting from chemotherapy is frightening."

"Prevent adverse events from happening. This should be true of everything we do."

"Cancer is the most curable of chronic diseases."

"Cancer is a disease of emotion."

"Our attitudes and the attitudes of the people at home make at lease as much difference as our treatments."

"Give clients options. We are a profession of options."

"Promise: I will never say, 'Let's watch and see if it grows.'"

"Practice saying, 'It's a miracle!'"

"Practice saying, 'Good news!'"

"The single most important aspect of veterinary medicine is compassionate care."