Here is a story from when Max started to fail, and Noodle stood by him. Wow, that sounds sad. I promise it is a happy memory.

November 2014:

Max the Cat continues to do well.

For a good week now, Noodle the Poodle has camped himself outside of Max's heated kennel where he now sleeps. After a few nights I got Noodle a blanket and pillow because it was obvious he was not going back to his own bed he shares with Joy until Max felt better.

If Max gets up, Noodle makes sure it is for a normal thing like getting something to eat. When Max comes back, Noodle curls up in front of the kennel again and waits till Max falls asleep to go to sleep himself. Noodle even came up on our bed to sleep last night when Max did.

I thanked Noodle for taking such good care of our kitty before I remembered Noodle is deaf. Then I got him a treat to thank him instead.