Your tech runs out of the exam room and shouts, “DOC! I can not find one thing wrong with this cat!”

You gasp and grab her shoulders. So moved neither of you can speak, you stare together into the future at Kitty curled on a sunny ledge, healthy and happy, thanks to years of incredible health care.

You hand her a tissue, and she hands you the medical record.

You swing open the door and step boldly into the room. On exam you find that this cat is indeed completely healthy!

Vaccine in hand, you announce, “Kitty is up to date on everything except for the most horrendous, uniformly fatal neurological disease that has ever existed!”

Mother and children weep. Dad lowers his face into his hands. 

“Wait,” you whisper. “With this fifth teaspoon of liquid, we can provide…complete protection!” You raise the syringe above your head, and the fluorescent lights shine through it, creating beautiful pink patterns on all four walls.

Once again, you have preserved the life of a pet. You are protecting children and enriching families.  You are doing it with limited resources and doing it well.

You are amazing. 

You are the Pet Savers.

You are…

the Veterinary Team.