Keep tweeting until it makes sense.

My brother Dave convinced me to start Twitter, because he knew I could reach a larger audience with pet preventative care information. 

For several months I would open Twitter, watch the timelines of the people I had followed, close Twitter, and sigh, “I just don’t get it. It’s like Facebook without the fun pictures.” 

Dave would smile and say “Don’t give up,” and I would repeat the process: Open Twitter - Check timeline - Close Twitter – Sigh - Gripe.  

Until one day, I did get it. “Hi. How’s it going?” someone tweeted. “Great” I tweeted back. Hey, this was fun! It was like waving to a neighbor, only it was okay that she was three states away…or around the world!

Try it. Then try it again. I hope you find the Twitter forum as rewarding as I have. 

If you do not, and you would like to, let me know, and I will help.

me on Twitter: Finch93