Ten years ago, I went with my brother Dave and my sister-I-love Sara to meet their new baby Great Dane.

She was a beautiful tiny (!) black and white thing, and they named her Riley.

Dave started my first veterinary website, Riley Nelson.

When Dave and Sara adopted James the Mastiff, Dave started my second veterinary website, Riley and James. That is the website I fell in love with, the one that made me a writer, the website I ran for almost ten years, from before veterinary blogging was a thing until it was the coolest thing.

Very recently, we said goodbye to Riley Dog.

Now I have a website title that won’t break my heart, FINCH DVM.

I love Riley Nelson.

I love Riley and James.

I love their namesakes infinitely more.

I will miss you, friends. You sure were amazing and wonderful dogs. I was blessed to have known you.