Dave said, “Find pictures you like.”

 “Why?” I asked. “What’s our theme? What will we do with them? What kind of pictures?”

 “Just bring me some damn pictures!”

 Just kidding! Dave said, “That’s our first step. We will get to everything.”

 So I found pictures. It was as fun as scrapbooking with Great Grandma Geiger as a kid, only even more random, if that is possible.

 Dave printed all the pictures off the Pinterest board I had created. I had not been on Pinterest for over a year – that in itself was fun.

Are you sensing a theme to this process, even though Dave has not yet told us?

We went through the pictures I had chosen and a few others Dave had also printed. We sorted and discussed and put them in different orders.

Dave created a logo and a font type and a color scheme. I fell in love with the idea of the new site.

I hope you will too.