Don't Turn Your Back in the Barn


Dave Perrin, DVM

Don't Turn Your Back in the Barn is the first of five books (so far!) in Dr. Dave Perrin’s "Adventures of a Country Vet" series.

Learning about mixed animal practice was fascinating. I do not envy Dr. Perrin's late night calls, even those that ended with a super cute newborn calf. 

Vets have been known to tell a well-timed story just to get your cream-filled doughnut. This book has parts that will make you give up your snack...and stay up late to see how things turn out. These are the makings of excellent veterinary stories, and this book is full of them. Word to the squeamish - skip chapter one.

This book was healing.

I have lost patients under anesthesia. Dr. Perrin has too. I have had patients I could not lose pass away anyways. Dr. Perrin has too. I have taken children under my wing and let them go, hoping they would continue to be loved and cared for beyond my reach...Dr. Perrin has too.

Thank you Derek Thiessen for the gift of this book. Thank you Dr. Perrin for writing it. It was a wonderful read.

I am grabbing a snack and starting Book Two.

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