I know I say it every year, but Nebraska Humane Society Walk for the Animals 2016 was the most fun one yet! Amanda and Abby both had friends there, and Joy and Luna were dressed in their best and had a very good time.

I am so proud of the Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital team that did such a great job again this year. I am so lucky to know you guys!! I am so proud of our community for caring for Omaha's animals <3

Happy Birthday Gordon!

I sort of got carried away taking pictures. AND friends took great pictures. Unless they were exact doubles, I did not leave any out! If you have more to add, please let me know!

All of the pictures are in dog and cat vision, which is a bit muted compared to what we see. These are the colors I usually use in my blog. This post was difficult because...my kids have gorgeous purple and blue hair, the Gentle Doctor t-shirts are beautiful Husker red, one cat had amazing green eyes, and Humane Society put up a very colorful balloon arch! Otherwise, you might be surprised to see how similar the animals themselves look to each other and to us...

FinchDVM 3007.jpg
FinchDVM 3116.jpg

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October 3, 2015