Remember Olivia who visited Santa?

I will pass on as many pictures as Stephanie sends of her - I think she is awesome!

Olivia hopes you had a happy Valentine's Day.

FinchDVM 2156.jpg
FinchDVM 2157.jpg

From Stephanie...

"A little bit about Olivia.....she is a two year old red footed tortoise.

Her favorite foods are kale, peas and bananas. She also loves cat food!! When she gets to crawl in the house, she heads straight for the kitchen looking for cat food. If we don't put it up, she will crawl into the dish. 

She loves being outside when its warm out.

I'm sure she thinks I'm crazy when I make her dress up and take pics. Funny thing is she knows to stay still for at least a few minutes so I can get the pic and then she is over it."


Post from one year ago today...

February 17, 2016