A sweet patient passed away yesterday after surgery.

This case is monumental enough to send me into an Obie-esque depression spiral.

Just this past year I have finally completed my own forgiveness for accidentally killing our own dog Obie sixteen years ago during anesthetic induction for dental work. At least, I think I have. We will see how the aftermath of losing this patient goes. I feel as though some scars could be ripped open.

To this day, I do not keep conversations kid-appropriate in the car. I asked Russ how I avoid a spiral. How to keep from letting the process of dealing with the grief of losing this patient be all consuming.

From the back seat, Amanda said,

Let it happen Mom.

But don't let it destroy you.

Thank you Kelly...Kristen...Hannah...Laura, Nicole and Renee. Thank you Dr. Bashara, and thank you family.

We love you kiddo. You sure have a great family - and a vet team - who all loved you deeply. You will be dearly missed.


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December 28, 2015