Jojo the Chihuahua mix came to us as a newly adopted dog. We all fell in love with him.

Jojo came back two months later with an accidentally broken leg. We treated and bandaged and planned. We set him up for surgery with Dr. Thoesen. His family would not take him back.

Thank you Dr. Thoesen and Rachel and the rest of your team.

Those guys have a crazy busy schedule and set aside time on more than one day trying to get Jojo fixed. Either they are awesome or you can fall in love with Jojo just hearing about him. I suspect both.

The Nebraska Humane Society, also an awesome group, took Jojo back and got him the surgery he needed, and got him healed and will find him a new family in plenty of time for the holidays. Thank you so much guys.

We love you Jojo. We are so glad you are well! We hope to see you soon in this next happy chapter.


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DECEMBER 17, 2015