Wrigley and Starla

Wrigley and Starla

These are two of my very favorite patients, Wrigley and Starla. They are sisters and littermates.

They belong to the fabulous Kathi Ortmeier, head of Basset and Beagle Rescue of the Heartland.

If you squint, you can see Beagle in them. Just kidding! It was their cute faces that got them in. 

Wrigley and Starla survived distemper, parvo and pneumonia as babies.

Starla made a complete recovery. 

Wrigley and Starla

Wrigley and Starla

Wrigley had tooth enamel damage from the distemper virus. Dr. Kanne and I did dental work on Wrigley when she was young. We sealed the damaged teeth with bonded sealant with the help of Omaha's dentist, Dr. Erich Rachwitz. (Thank you Doc!)

The biggest challenge Wrigley has had to overcome is constant involuntary kicking of her back legs secondary to the distemper infection. When Kathi first brought her in, we talked about euthanasia, we talked about the Finch family adopting Wrigley and we talked about taking her out of the rescue and having her live with Kathi. As you can imagine, it was a very emotional visit for everyone!

I had never before seen a dog with distemper. Wrigley's neurological signs were pathognomonic for distemper (meaning distemper is the only thing that causes a presentation, in this case, Wrigley's leg spasms.)

We were both in love with this tiny Joy-Ebony-looking puppy and her equally adorable twin sister. "Let's give her some time," I suggested. We both were relieved, and Kathi took both pups home...where they are still thriving four years later.

At this most recent visit, for the first time ever I saw Wrigley with NO unwanted back leg motion! I didn't know that could happen after damage done by the distemper virus. She is a bit wobbly in the hind end and still sometimes has the leg kicks, but is doing so very well.

I am so grateful that Kathi took these two "Beagle" puppies in and so happy that they are doing so well!

We love you girls!!


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