At the 120th Gentle Doctor location, we have been working really hard to get everyone's picture on their medical record. I can't tell you how happy it makes me every time I see the record print out with a cute dog or cat face in the corner.

Kristen and Kelly have been working so hard on this project! When they started a couple months ago though, I would keep forgetting they were updating the file, and I would print the medical records from the appointment for the client before the pet's picture was on it.

We recycle all of our used paper, but my premature printing was getting out of hand! I started saving every paper that had print only on one side. I clipped them together and used them as a notebook.

I do not often know why I become obsessed with the projects I do. I just know I better see it through so I can focus on the next thing.

Russ found me these obnoxiously huge binder rings. I used my favorite Mickey cover and  a #11 blade (I've not found them to be good for anything else), a blade handle from the cold pack (for safety's sake), packing tape and a three hole punch to make this super awesome notebook.

I think I will use it forever, and never get tired of it. I love it so much.