Remember on Scrubs when Dr. Straight-Jack-Of-Will-And-Grace  flamed out because his seven year old patient was terminal?

I completely understand how losing a young patient would do a baby doctor in.

That kid is eventually going to die. Whether it's today, or tomorrow, or a month from now. There's nothing I can do; nothing works. Now his parents want to talk to me, what am I supposed to tell them, "Peter lived a good, long seven years"?

Dr. Nick Murdoch, Scrubs Season 1, "My Super Ego"

I am not comparing pets to people, but lifespans to lifespans. Every time I see that scene and think of how many patients I lose at 7 and 14 and even 21, I break down too. 

What am I supposed to say, "Your cat lived a good 14 years?"

Just because it's normal doesn't mean it isn't heartbreaking.

Scrubs is healing in its humor, but it is healing in its heartache too.