Every veterinarian has an opinion about every breed.

Every veterinarian has a favorite breed.

I fall hard for every pet I see, so as you can imagine, I have more favorite breeds than I can count.

I was born in love with Basset Hounds, because of our family dogs, Mandy and Kipper.

I love Labs because Russ does, and we have had two wonderful Labs, Ebony and now Joy, but who doesn't love Labs?

The very first breed I fell in love with as a veterinarian was the Scottish Terrier.

Kiltie Price was a beautiful, sassy, silly Scottie who tried to bite me when Russ and I were kneeling by her and I was holding her hand. She was my first home euthanasia, and I was sobbing with her Mom in their living room. After Kiltie's passing, the family (in Littleton Colorado) adopted Mattie and Murphy McCook (named because they were adopted in McCook Nebraska), who were as beautiful as Kiltie and even more sassy, and my love of the breed grew. I have had two favorite Scotties since the Price dogs, but now, having no current Scottie patients, my love of Scotties is expressed in my many pairs of Scottie-patterned jammies. Scotties lend themselves well to cute patterns. And they remind me of the Real Life Scotties I have loved.

I went from complete disdain of Poodles to complete love of Poodles in a split second as Benji, our first of many dogs and first of many Poodles, jumped into my arms during his euthanasia consult. (It took a happy turn.)

After having our hairless rats, Fuzzy and Wuzzy, I have been enamored with Sphynx cats.

I love Beagles because of Kathi and Huskies because of Jackie and Pugs because of Jessica and Janie and Wheatons because of Barb. I probably love a breed because of you too.

My current infatuation is Corgis.

The downside to loving a breed is at least one member of that breed is going to break your heart. Charlie the Corgi broke my heart, but while he was in the middle of smashing it, I met Toski, the tiny baby Corgi. And when Charlie was done smashing my heart, Charlie's family adopted two new two year old Corgis, and I met a four-year old Corgi I love.

No more broken heart for me! Except that four-year-old Corgi is in the process of breaking my heart. Because she is also breaking her Mom's heart, only 100-fold, I will wait to tell their story here.

It does not help, of course, to fall in love with mutts.

It might help to not fall in love at all, but I do not know how to do that. And who wants to do that? Sane people, I suppose.

Perhaps tomorrow will be a day of happy Corgi stories. I am going to need them. And who doesn't like a happy Corgi story? Nobody doesn't.

I love <Corgis>. I love <Corgi> families. 

I love YOU Corgi Dog. Let's do this.