My Mom is in the hospital again, and I am scared.

Nothing life-threatening.

No reason to be scared.

Except this is Mom.

I know the (loose) theme of this blog is "I saw another cute puppy," and we will get back to that,  because THAT is super fun, but all I can think of now is Mom. Really, the past 18 months Mom and her health have constantly been on my mind. Mom has had an uphill battle - that she has fought with grace and humor and superhuman strength - holding onto her health.

Spay (I think human doctors call it "hysterectomy - weird! twenty some years ago. Colic (or whatever human doctors call it) twenty years ago. (Remember when Mom stepped out of the hospital and walked down the aisle of Westwood Church with Russ for our wedding?? She is such a bad ass! I love her so much!) And now...all these years later, electrolyte imbalances that are being very cruel.

If you pray, pray for Mom. 

Thanks guys.

You are the best, and I love you.