All my love and thanks to Aunt Jeannine Menze for the pictures for today's post and even more for your help in writing it, which I know was not easy. I love you so much.

Bob Nelson is my Dad (a Navy Captain).

Jeannine Menze is Dad's sister.

Stan Menze was Jeannine's husband and the Dad of my three cousins, Russell, Roger and Ryan Menze.

Stan died in the line of duty on May 18, 1981 at the age of 38. His funeral was over Memorial Day weekend in 1981.

Stan was a captain in the US Air Force and a pilot in the US Army in Air Rescue and Recovery. He served in Vietnam in 1971. He passed away during a helicopter training flight originating from Fort Rucker in 1981.

He was a wonderful husband, father, uncle and family member who loved our country and served her well.