I have known Peter the Dachshund for maybe five years. He is wonderful, as is his family.

He has had significant health issues that he has overcome due to his resilience and how awesome his family is at home care.

None of that is the subject of this post.

Peter's last name is Johnson.

He is a weiner dog.

Peter was in for his wellness care recently.

Finally, after all these years of knowing and loving Peter and his family, Kelly (not I) worked up the courage to ask...was Peter purposely named?

Mr. Peter Dick Johnson the First

Mr. Peter Dick Johnson the First

Mrs. Johnson told Kelly, "yes," and furthermore, Peter's middle name is Dick.

Kelly ran out of the exam room. Not to tell me the current medical history on the dog, but to tell me that what we had all suspected for years was indeed true.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson's son, who now is grown with two wonderful puppies of his own (also not the theme of this post, though we will most likely get to that in a future post), gave Peter his full name as a boy.

While Peter and his family waited patiently in the exam room, Kelly and I ran to the boarding area to find Kristen, to the grooming room to find Amy and to reception to find Stephanie. We texted Erin, our veterinary technician friend who works opposite days of Kelly, and Russ and Russ' Mom.

Our message to all of our friends was the same, "PETER JOHNSON THE WEINER DOG HAS A MIDDLE NAME, AND IT IS DICK!" We howled with laughter at each retelling much like, I imagine, the teenage boy who named Peter so many years ago.

Only then did we return to the exam room to finish Peter's wellness care.

I have never been more amused in my whole life. If I ever needed a laugh, it was this week. Thank you Mrs. Johnson. We love your family, we love your dog, we love his name and you totally made our week.


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January 13, 2016