My Dad's Mom Grandma Amanda Kunold was one of my favorite people in the world.

After Grandma passed away, Dad got little girl statues for him and Mom, Bill and Cara, Dave and Sara, Aunt Jeannine, Aunt Sandy and Grandma and Grandpa Kunold's church.

We lived at our condo in Castle Rock Colorado at the time. We had two babies, Amanda and Abby, Max the Cat, Ebony the Lab mix and Copper the Corgi mix. Which is no excuse. Though Bill and Cara and Dave and Sara did not have toddlers yet, they have since, and they had big dogs too. Everyone else's statue is still intact. Ours was promptly bowled over and smashed by Ebony, who at every age, loved to run as fast and hard as she could.

We could not find a new statue. We tried the flower shop where Dad got the statues. We  tried other shops in Nebraska and Colorado. We tried the World Wide Web, even checking back every few years as it grew exponentially. No luck.

Dad was recently visiting a good family friend Carol Stolp. Carol had a little girl statue identical to ours in her back yard. She gave the statue to Dad.

Mom and Dad surprised me on my birthday.

I am so happy to have our statue again you guys. It is on display in our home office, safely away from Luna and Joy The-Puppy-Who-Wanted-to-be-Ebony  :)