In the early 2000's, when I was an associate veterinarian at the Oakview Banfield and Deb Rubaloff, DVM ran the North Omaha Banfield, I would sometimes do relief work for Deb at the North Omaha Banfield when she was out of town.

Deb and I became friends.

One time, after a particularly trying run at the North Omaha Banfield (At the end of a long day, two of a team member's large dogs drank and immediately vomited mop water and were trying to drink up their vomit while I cleaned. Also, appointments had gone about as well as that. Also, the dogs were fine other than being denied recycled vomited mop water.) 

What was I saying? Oh yeah! I don't know how or even if Deb knew what a rough time it had been, but when she returned to town, she sent me this beautiful pitcher! I love it so much.

Now Peter Buhr, DVM, one of the vets who helped my Mastiff-nephew James at Animal Emergency Clinic, now VCA MidWest Vet, runs the North Omaha Banfield. Deb has a thriving home-based practice and I am happily at Gentle Doctor. 

As is often the case with difficult seasons, my time at Banfield Pet Hospitals was absolutely worth it because of the dear friendships with clients, Pet Smart team members and Banfield team members, including that of Deb Rubaloff, that I developed over those years.


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December 11, 2015