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Milkshake Kitten Checking Out Her New Food

Milkshake Kitten Checking Out Her New Food

My daughter Abby’s best friend is Ally. They are two peas in a pod.

When our Max the Cat passed away, he left a cat shaped hole in all of our hearts.

About the same time we lost our Max, Ally’s family adopted their Max. We were so happy! Abby and Ally spent even more time together than they were already.

It soon became clear that Ally’s Max was as we affectionately call him, the Anti-Max. Our Max was personable and social and easygoing. Ally’s Max is…different. However, he is just as loved!

Milkshake Kitten was recently added to Ally’s family. Days before the kitten came to live with them, Ally’s brother spilled his milkshake. When they brought Milkshake Kitten home, Ally’s brother was holding the new kitten up and Ally said, “don’t spill the Milkshake!” and the kitten was named.

Abby and Ally agreed to help with this post by offering Purina Pro Plan canned cat food to Max and Milkshake and sharing some thoughts on the cats…

Here are some questions and answers with Abby…

What impact have Max and Milkshake had on your and Ally’s lives?

Milkshake is the only nice kitty I get to see on a regular basis so she makes me very happy. She sleeps in Ally’s room and cries for attention at four in the morning, so she’s affected Ally’s sleep schedule.

Max just kind of sulks around and occasionally hisses or tries to scratch us, but sometimes when he’s sleepy he’s nice.

How important is yours and Ally’s relationships with Max and Milkshake?

Ally is mostly in charge of Milkshake’s food and stuff, and I provide pets and snuggles and playtime and rainbow friendship bracelets, so I’d say we’re both very important to Milkshake.

I think Max has fun being angry and glaring at us so we serve some purpose in his life.

Tell a story about a time that brought you and the cats closer together.

When Max was a kitten, I went over to Ally’s house, and we made a little hammock for him to sleep in under Ally’s bunk bed. He seemed to really like it, and he took a nap.

The last time I was at Ally’s house, we made matching friendship bracelets for Ally, Milkshake and me. Now we’re all best friends

What did the cats think of the Pro Plan canned cat food?

The cats loved it. I had to move Milkshake away from the bowl so Max could have some, and she cried. I let her lick the bowl when Max was done so she wouldn’t be too sad.

They loved it so much. Even Ally’s dog Ozzie tried to steal some! He says he liked it too.

A huge thank you to Ally and Abby and Max and Milkshake for all of your help with this post!

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