I am thankful for my time at Banfield Pet Hospitals and my friendship with Tiemanns.

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I used to say that I wished I had walked into Gentle Doctor Animal Hospitals the day we moved to Omaha. That is not true though.

Though it exploded in our faces so to speak, I got to work with a friend.

I adopted our guinea pig Piggy from Banfield clients and Joy the Puppy from other Banfield clients. Fuzzy and Wuzzy Rats' breeder was a friend who I met because he worked at Petsmart.

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I met Erika and Dr. Rubaloff, both of whom I still work with today, and I met the other awesomes at Banfield and Petsmart, clients and teammates, many of whom are still dear friends.

Every May Day I would bring everyone at all the Banfields and Petsmarts snack mix. That was such a fun tradition that I restarted it this Halloween, now with Banfield, Petsmart and Gentle Doctor.

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I got to write for Banfield Journal and the Banfield website.

I became very aware of the importance of anesthetic safety.

I learned to think through cases with a logical step-by-step process, which still helps me today. I learned to start from the framework of wellness. That is a huge and not quite obtainable goal that I still strive to reach every day because of my training at Banfield.

I got to have lots of young want-to-be vets shadow for a half day or full day. It was so rewarding that I still do that today.

Sofia and me

Sofia and me

I am thankful for my eight years at Oakview, Papillion and North Omaha Banfield.

When I left, I had a "get the best job ever or leave the field" attitude, which led me to Gentle Doctor Animal Hospitals, truly the best job I have ever had, tied with Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital, my second and final job in Colorado.

The road's been rough, but I love where it has taken me.

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