Pastor Quinn Tirrel (not his real name Russ and I have always suspected - It can't be! It sounds like a cool movie hero name! Probably his real name...) Anyways, Pastor Quinn Tirrel gave a sermon at our church, Westwood Church a few weeks ago. The sermon was on hospitality. It was so good. After hearing the sermon, in preschool Sunday school, Joelle raised her arms and yelled, “we are building our kingdom homes!” Pretty good retention and summary for a preschooler!

Quinn's words reshaped the way we think about hospitality - in a good way. We started with a door mat...

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You can listen to Pastor Tirrel's sermon on Westwood Church's website if you would like...

Building a House into a Home with Hospitality

On the way home, Abby said to me, "I am brainstorming. I have four lists of ideas on hospitality." I love it. One of those ideas was to bring Christmas to the pets waiting for homes at Nebraska Humane Society. When Abby or Amanda get an idea, they do not let go until it matches the picture in their head and is completely finished. They get that from their Mom!


Abby is collecting gifts for the dogs and cats and other pets at Nebraska Humane Society so they can all have a Christmas. 😊  She is looking for gift ideas and donations of toys or treats.

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Abby has us on a schedule to buy cat and dog treats and toys once a week until Christmas. She has all the dog toys and a tennis ball for each dog gathered. This kid is serious!

So far, Gentle Doctor Animal Hospitals, Racquet Corner Tennis Shop, Mrs. Helt's class at Castelar Elementary, Madi Hall's 4H Club and many more individuals and families are helping Abby. You guys are so awesome!!

Let's overwhelm Nebraska Humane Society with gifts to comfort the pets waiting for homes and to get the Nebraska Humane Society team well into the new year with things they need!

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Here is a link to the items Nebraska Humane Society needs most...

Nebraska Humane Society Wish List

Dr. Horn said to keep your eyes on the list as they will be adding things!

Here is a list Abby made from the Nebraska Humane Society list and her head of things she would like to donate. I think the tiny Christmas hats are Abby's idea!

Dog food
Cat food
Cat toys
Kitty treats
Kitty litter
Rodent food
Water bottles
Chewing blocks
Little houses
Tiny Christmas hats
Red bows
Dog and cat beds
Baby socks
Medical supplies
Canned pumpkin
Canned Vienna sausage

Also, if you would like to donate things you already have, they need paper towel and toilet paper rolls!

Thank you so much you guys. This is going to be very fun!

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