Kelly and I were doing a wellness exam on a cat together.

FinchDVM 10496.jpg

The cat bit my right forearm. Not wanting the cat's Mom to see the nick, I put my arm under the exam table and kept talking.

"We need to go," Kelly said. 

"In a minute," I said.

I looked under the table and saw a rather large pool of blood. "Oh!" I said, "Excuse us please!" Kelly threw a towel over the blood and walked me out of the room.

Kelly sat me down in a chair and went into EMT mode. She cleaned and bandaged my wound and sent me to urgent care.

The nurse at urgent care removed my bandage to reveal what I first suspected, a small nick. She patted my hand and said, "Would you like a bandaid, dear?" I was going to say no, but I saw it was a cartoon bandage so I said yes. I left a bit embarrassed, but truly, cat bites are nothing to mess around with. I was on antibiotics for quite a while, and recovered well.

It was a tiny wound that bled a lot and left an impressive scar. Cat teeth are like that. I like my scar, and am ever reminded of Kelly's kindness and expertise.