Racquet Corner is a tennis shop right next door to Gentle Doctor at 120th and Blondo.

One day, one of the owners of Racquet Corner came over with a bag of tennis balls. "Would any of the dogs like these?" he asked.

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Our eyes lit up as if we were the dogs receiving such a gift, and together we said, "Yes! Thank you!"

Now the couple who owns Racquet Corner bring once-used tennis balls for all the dogs. Any dog who wants one (or two) can have them. We have not run out in months.

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It has changed so many dogs' experiences from a little bit scary to very fun.

The tiny Italian Greyhound chased his ball around the exam room for a while. If it stopped bouncing against the walls, he would hit it with his paw so it would start again and then tear after it, never himself hitting a wall. We all gathered to watch him. He didn't notice. He was having so much fun!

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We gave a ball to a Boxer who did not want a treat. He looked like the proudest dog in the world carrying his ball in his mouth out to the car.

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"You were very brave. Would you like a ball?" we said to the nervous Golden who had been such a good sport about all of the medical care. She jumped up, laughed with her eyes as Goldens will do and grabbed the ball. For the first time we had seen over her years as our patient, her tail started wagging furiously.

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Nigel and Abe play with tennis balls while they are there with their Moms for the day.

Groomer Amy's Nigel showing off his tennis ball

Groomer Amy's Nigel showing off his tennis ball

They keep them safe in different corners of the office and treatment room.

Nigel asks, "Excuse me Kelly, have you seen my tennis ball?"

Nigel asks, "Excuse me Kelly, have you seen my tennis ball?"

I used Nigel and Abe's tennis balls to show Kelly and Jen how I can juggle (5 seconds! Woo!)

You may have thought you were just dropping off tennis balls, but you have changed the atmosphere of the office from awesome to super awesome. We love seeing our patients so happy. Thank you Racquet Corner!

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