I am thankful that my first home euthanasia almost destroyed me.

Russ came with me. It was Kiltie the Scottie. She was going into liver failure, as Scotties sometimes do. She was owned by Vickie and her husband and their son. I loved Vickie. I loved Kiltie. Kiltie hated me. I didn't care. She was so beautiful, and her family was so wonderful.

FinchDVM 10262.jpg

I sobbed as I euthanized Kiltie. She tried to bite my hand. I kissed her forehead.

Mom noticed. 

Several months later, Vickie brought in two eight week old Scottish Terriers. Their names were Murphy and Mattie McCook, McCook because they were from the small town of McCook Nebraska. They had tiny red plaid collars and were full of sass. I got to watch them both grow up into dogs as beautiful and sassy as their sister had been. 

I was sad to leave the family in Colorado when we moved home.

To this day, every Scottie patient is dear to me. One Scottie can make my whole day awesome. This is neither here nor there, but at any given time, I have at least two pairs of Scottie jammies and an assortment of Scottie stationary.

Kiltie got into my heart, as pets will do, and I have never been the same.


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