About six months ago, there was a horrible car accident on an interstate on ramp in Omaha.

A semi truck hit a van, overturning and crushing the top of the van.

The semi truck driver was unhurt. Miraculously, the driver and passenger of the van survived with serious, but treatable, injuries. 

The driver of the van is our dear client. What the news did not report was that there was one absolutely heartbreaking fatality. The driver had her only pet, a one year old sweet Westie with her, and he did not survive the accident.

She called from the hospital to let us know her pup had passed away.

We grieved for the small dog we had all loved. We sent flowers and prayed for his Mom. And later, we felt a little bit sorry for ourselves knowing we would probably not see this kind lady again.

Mom healed and came home. Her heart began to heal too. Six months after the horrible accident, she came in smiling with the tiniest of tiny Westie puppies in her hands.

FinchDVM 10498.jpg

Her new pup is a little girl, and she is just perfect.

Mom was ready. She missed having a wonderful little Westie around. We all miss her previous pup. We all spent this new puppy visit celebrating this precious new life.

Puppy, you are your own little being, not in any way a replacement. You do have some big paws to fill, and you are doing that extraordinarily well. Thank you for healing your Mom's heart and bringing her back to us. We sure love you so.