I have started a fun project with Chewy.com. They send me a list of fun pet-related things. I choose two to review and they send me those two products at no cost.

The first product I reviewed was a Chicken Soup for the Soul book (10/10, would read again). 

The second product I am reviewing is Honest Kitchen's Bone Broth - 10/10, would order again.

FinchDVM 10479.jpg

Joy has chicken allergies. Luna is super picky. This broth is beef based with no chicken and, according to Joy and Luna, very tasty. So it works well for both of them, which is rare in both treats and dog food.

Joy says this is unlike anything she's ever smelled...

Joy says this is unlike anything she's ever smelled...

Luna is so picky that she often skips meals, which, like it does for every Chihuahua client I have ever had, causes endless amounts of worry to our family. Luna has had some pretty serious liver and gastrointestinal issues, so when she does not eat, we are extra concerned. This bone broth may put an end to that, the worry I mean.

Luna does not just want to smell the powder. She wants a taste!

Luna does not just want to smell the powder. She wants a taste!

Both dogs like the warm broth as a soup and as a gravy to their plain old boring food.

It is super easy to reconstitute (like regular chicken and beef broth) and easy to serve. We avoid canned food because, although it can be nutritious, and as a vet I am very grateful it exists, it is gross. This broth is not gross.

FinchDVM 10482.jpg

For natural diets of whole food and high quality ingredients, Honest Kitchen is among the best. This is the first product of theirs that I have tried, and I am very impressed.

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Remember on the Riley and James website when I would get off on a tangent or two and label it a bunny trail? This is similar. Is it better because I planned it? I don't know, but it is still fun!

The broth is said to be best for Pitta dosha types. "What in the world?" I thought. On the label of the Honest Kitchen Bone Broth is this statement, "To learn more about Ayurvedic and take a fun quiz to learn which dosha your pet belongs to, visit honestkitchen.com/ayurveda."

So I did.

Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine originating in India. Anything I can learn about that can help my patients I am open to. The information on the page is fascinating.

AND Joy is a rare mixture of all three types of dosha, and Luna is a very strong (and strong willed) Pitta. Fun! If you take the quiz and find out what type your dog is or dogs are, let me know!

So this broth is supposed to be good for Joy and Luna, in Ayurveda thinking AND western medicine thinking. It has become a staple in our nutritious treats and supplements collection.