The only thing I regret about the syringe post is that I did not consider if it would hurt Pete's feelings.

I perhaps should have been fired for posting about an internal issue at a business where I am employed, but I was not, and for that I am grateful.

I am not convinced it is not at least in part because there was a giant dog waiting on the other side of the office door yesterday morning to meet me, and if I did not spay her, someone would need to!

But we do make a great team, and neither of us is willing to give up on that dynamic or potential, and I appreciate that too.

I have been challenged to consider other single use products and their place in medicine, and I think that will be the subject of my next Advances in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery article or review, because there is a lot of fascinating information out there.

Today I have been coloring. A lot. And spending time with the dogs and kids.

Abby walked into the kitchen this evening and said to Russ, "Do you have any wire I can bend into glasses to put on a marshmallow?" But she said I had to wait until at least tomorrow to post more about that!

Back to work tomorrow (phew). A couple of very challenging cases to start the day and more than a couple cute dogs I am sure.

I said I would keep you updated, and so there is that. Thank you all for reading my stuff and joining the conversation. I really appreciate it.


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March 3, 2016