One of the cat cases I took on recently despite my allergies was that of a sweet orange cat who looks like our Max the Cat. I am still having respiratory trouble eight weeks later, but I am not sorry!

I thought maybe I could take on a kitty or two every month or so, but maybe not. My offer still stands for the Choi family (a new kitten! I am dying!) and the Hug family and the family of Nolan the dental hygienist, mainly because he and his wife let their two year old name their new kitten, and she named him Sergeant Branch.

Back to Orange Kitty! He has a very serious medical condition that is now stable. He is doing well because of his awesome veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants. What impressed me AS MUCH as their life saving care is this...

Cat Mom told me that her friend had a cat with a similar condition. She said his cat came home with a bandage where his IV catheter had been. She asked me, would her cat have a bandage? I began to say no when she said, "because it was so cute."

I asked Erin to leave Cat's bandage on after the IV catheter was removed - we usually remove them before they go home - and told her what Mom had said.

She and Mary did THIS. 

As a rough estimate, I would say you normally see about 10% of what a veterinary technician does for your pet and for you. So take how wonderful you know techs are and multiply it by ten. That is closer to the reality of how amazing veterinary technicians actually are.

(You guys are awesome, and I love you.)


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March 15, 2016