Ice formed on the umbrella stand of a table at Blazing Pianos near the west Gentle Doctor location during recent precipitation-y weather. I thought it was so pretty!

We were excited that THIS bar moving into the strip mall was a dueling piano bar - how fun! It was the first of the string of many bars in this bay that we visited. We went because Gentle Doctor's Christmas party was here.

We did have a fun time until one of the piano players sang a song making fun of Dr. Bashara. Russ and I left and have not been back.

It's okay. We don't love bars anyways. But it was such a fun concept, and we try to support the businesses around all three Gentle Doctor locations.

I still walk past there on the way to meetings at Gentle Doctor and will say hi to the Blazing Pianos team if they are out on the patio. They seem like a good group overall, but one bad judgement call can cause me to wander off and not return.


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March 30, 2016