Symptoms to Watch for in Your Dog:

How to Tell if Your Dog is Sick and What to Do Next


Jana Rade

Edited by Dr. Joanna Paul BSc BVSc

5 Stars!

My friend Jana Rade who has the excellent website Dawg Business has recently written a wonderful book that would be helpful for every dog person, Symptoms to Watch for in Your Dog.

This is a quick read and would be a quick reference if your dog were acting off and you needed help determining whether to visit the veterinarian. Even more importantly, as Jana says in the book, it helps you learn to look for clues to your dog's wellbeing or illness and know the best course of action.

I agree with Jana that when you are unsure if your pet's condition warrants a trip to the veterinarian, it is best to bring your pet in! Better a false alarm than a missed illness. Although...

The times clients have told me their pet just isn't feeling well but they cannot quite pinpoint it or articulate how they know, they have always been right.

You know your pet best and are their best advocate.

The list of symptoms of diseases Jana covers is thorough and well explained.

I love this book and would love if every client had a copy and more importantly, felt empowered to read their dogs' symptoms as well as Jana explains. I wish for you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are ready to deal with any medical issue that comes up.

I love this book! You will too! Thank you for writing it Jana!

Symptoms to Watch for in Your Dog

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April 3, 2017