We have a client who speaks only Spanish, which was the kick in the butt I needed to learn Spanish.

We have a client who speaks Sign Language, and I have had clients who speak Sign Language before this as well. If my Spanish speaking client is warm and kind, our Sign Language client is...the opposite. You know the people who look like they really need a hug, but you know if you hug them, there is a very good chance they will punch you? I do not think this client would punch me, but I have not hugged him either.

The pop-up on his pets' medical records lists the doctors he prefers, and, I am not making this up, it lists every doctor in the practice, including some who have left, EXCEPT me. And somehow the poor guy seems to always get stuck with me.

I love when he and his dogs are in.

He is very good at reading lips, and we write notes back and forth. 

I write in a big diagonal swoop in purple sparkle pen, "Has he been itching?? :) :) :)"

and he writes in small neat letters in a straight line in black ball point pen - unless he does not have one in which case I loan him my purple sparkle pen - "yes."

I write, "I will help him! <3" and he rolls his eyes and mouths "thank you."

We may have more differences than hearing ability, but I still think it has been a jerk move on my part to not learn a LITTLE Sign Language over the years. I will start with learning "thank you," which I hope he will know will mean "I appreciate you putting up with me, and I think you and your wife and your dogs are great! :) (((hugs)))"


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May 23, 2016