Recently a nice couple moved in next door with their two beautiful dogs. We have been meaning to go meet them, but for now we wave over the fence when any of us is outside.

Recently a very nice veterinary assistant started at Gentle Doctor. I only see Chrystal about once a week as she works at the 152nd Street location.

Last week, Erika and Chrystal were talking about addresses. (Who talks about addresses?? But I am glad they were!)

Erika texted me, "Chrystal is your next door neighbor!"

"No way!" I texted. I did not feel so bad for not recognizing her - as my neighbor at work or as my coworker at home - when she said she did not recognize me either. We both must have been experiencing that grade school teacher at the grocery store phenomenon.

"I've been meaning to come over - we're super introverted," I said.

"Me too," Chrystal said.

"Why do you live so far from Gentle Doctor?" I asked.

"Why do you?" Chrystal asked.

Most combinations of our two families have all met now, and it has been very fun getting to know each other.

I can tell as well as the day(s) we met, these are great neighbors and we have a great new coworker!


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May 28, 2016