Guest Post by Donna Kay...

What Life with Two Big Fluffy Dogs Has Taught Me

1. Couches belong to the dogs.

2. Muddy paw prints will happen, and that's okay.

3. Dog hair is the best accessory.

4. Give up the dream of wearing black slacks.

5. Long walks/drags are the best way to relax.

6. Amazon sells a special cleaner that removes slobber from television screens.

7. And ceilings.

8. And cats.

9. "New stuffed toy" is just code for "new monster that must be killed and suffer by having guts strewn across the house."

10. Sharing is a foreign concept, so buy two of everything.

11. Naps are an essential part of every day.

12. If someone looks upset, go sit next to them and lick a smile onto their face.

13. Invest in a high top dining room table, or be okay with sharing all meals.

14. Don't bark too long at the people who love you.


Post from one year ago today...

June 14, 2016