Russ and Travis arrived at a work site and waited for Jeff to arrive.

A kitten came up to the window and meowed at Travis. 

"No, you cannot get in the cab, Kitten," he said. Not because he is mean - he is not - but because he and Russ are both very allergic to cats, and also kittens.

"Meow!" said the kitten.

"No!" said Travis.

So Kitten jumped into the bed of the truck and inspected all of the things.

His person came out from next door and got him out of the back of the truck. He is strictly an indoor kitten.

The next day, the kitten visited the guys again to help them build. They appreciated the help, but did not want him to get hurt or his family to worry, so now, knowing where he lives, Russ returned him to his family. 

Every day since, Kitten has stayed in his house like a good kitten. He has left the offer open to help the guys build things if they ever need his help.


Post from one year ago today...

July 5, 2016