This is part of a month long series on depression. Normally on September 22, I write a post about how much I love working at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospitals. Is it possible to combine both into one post?? Maybe...

It has been six years today that I started at Gentle Doctor.

I told Dr. Bashara before he offered me the job that I was going to retire from Gentle Doctor. That is still my plan.

Since the focus of Finch DVM for September 2017 is depression, I will ask the question again that I still do not know the answer to...

Is veterinary medicine a profession that attracts people prone to depression or do the demands and sadness and ups and downs of the career pull us in that direction?

Things I Love About Our Career...

the team

the pets

the clients

getting to know people during appointment times over the years


having kids shadow for a day or part of a day

the positive feelings people have about vets

being in the middle of sadness with people

 being able to carry a tiny bit of that sadness for them, or at least go through it together

wellness care

dental work


lab work

reading x-rays

Things I Do Not Like About Our Career...

the uncertainty before a case is solved

the pain or discomfort a pet goes through during that time we are solving their case and during healing

crazy short lifespans






making decisions on behalf of another person and their pet, especially when I don't know how things will turn out

So which is it do you think? Does veterinary medicine attract people prone to depression? Or are we pulled in that direction by the nature of our careers?

I suspect, as I always have, that it is different for each person, and usually a combination of both.

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Thanks for hiring me Pete. And thanks for keeping me. I wouldn't want to miss this for the world.


Post from one year ago today...

September 22, 2016



Next month is a happier topic - pets in costumes. I will post all of the pictures you send.

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