This is part of a month long series on depression. This is one of the lighter posts!

One of my nurses came into the room to give me my medications.

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"I hear you're a vet!" she said.

"Nope!" I said.

Just kidding! "Yes..." I said, with that strange mix of pride and trepidation we veterinarians all know so well...

One time, my friend and vet school classmate Cesar was stopped by a police officer for speeding.

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Somehow, the officer found out Cesar was a vet. He gave him a ticket for speeding and then said, "I was wondering if you had some advice for me about my cat. He does not use his litter box..."

The police officer gave him a ticket you guys!

A veterinarian once told me that he tells people on airplane trips that he is an accountant.

One time, my cousin Roger, who is a human ER doctor (a human doctor of humans), wore a shirt I had given him to the grocery store. It said, "A real doctor is not limited to one species." Haha! Classic! He said a fellow shopper stopped him to ask medical questions about her dog.

Aunt Jeannine and Cousin Dr. Roger

Aunt Jeannine and Cousin Dr. Roger

"It was so weird!" he said. "Does that ever happen to you?"

"Yes!" I said, to Dr. Roger and then all these years later to my nurse who had brought my medications to me.

The nurse proceeded to tell me in great detail about her Pug who had recently developed pyometra and had needed emergency surgery. As you can imagine, the details of that story were not pretty. And I was still in jammies.

FinchDVM 10014.jpg

"Yeah, this stay is about me," I said.

Just kidding! We talked about her dog's aftercare and how she had done a good job getting her right to the vet and how she should not feel guilty about any of it.

Similar scenarios happened three times during the three days I was hospitalized.

Being found evoked a strange mixture of pride and happiness. I had not felt happy in a very long time.


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September 11, 2016


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