Where will you go from here?

Are there steps you will take after reading this series on depression?

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How will you be kinder to yourself?

Even someone as kind as yourself needs to work on self kindness.

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Are you working to remove blocks that are hindering you from getting help?

I was scared to get help. I was embarrassed. I was unsure and didn't want to be a bother. I got over it. Finally.

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Do you need to get help?

I wish I had gotten help earlier - medical management, hospitalization, therapy - it all would have been helpful earlier in the game.

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Is there anything you need to be doing to better manage your depression?

Some things are within your control and some things are not.

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Do you have a good support network?

Friends, family, pets, coworkers, even acquaintances can be so helpful - in the day to day living and in a slump and in a crisis.

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Have you promised a friend you will not commit suicide?

I have promised my brother Bill, and I am not one to break promises.

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Are you ready to deal with the area between suicidal and "fine"?

Most of us with depression are not currently suicidal. Most of us with depression are not currently fine. It is living in the in between that is the trickiest I think. And the richest. And the deepest and the best.

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I believe in you. I care so deeply for you. This can be so difficult, but you've got this.


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September 30, 2016



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