I keep a list of 50-100 patients with ongoing issues. I check half of the cases weekly and half of the cases monthly and update my list daily.

Losing contact with pet parents through death or healing is jarring. Also jarring is losing contact through lack of follow up.

I hate real life stories with open endings like I hate chairs not pushed in, only more deeply. That is my strange quirk to deal with. It is probably why I keep The List.

But you can help.

If your pet is cared for by our team, and we call to check on him or her, please call us back. If things change for better or for worse, please let us know.

Those of you who need advice about your pets, the only thing I ask from you in return is an update on your pet. Let me know how he or she is after we talk.

FinchDVM 10430.jpg

Knowing how my patients are doing brings peace of mind I can find no other way.