My Mom in Law Karen and Dad in Law Phill recently said good bye to their Jacy Dog. Here is Jacy's story, written by Karen.

After several years of not having a dog, we decided it was time to have another dog. Sixteen plus years ago the humane society didn't have the nice website to look on, and we lived too far away to go every day. And we didn't know about the the rescue groups or there weren't as many (and Shawn was in CO, so she couldn't help either)

I just watched the ads in the paper, now I understand the risks there! But one day there was an ad for Lhasas, so off we went with some of the grandkids in tow. There were 9 almost identical puppies in the box, all female!! All of us held them all, and we had no idea which was which!! I finally said ok this one! Cute little fluffy ball of brown and white!

FinchDVM 10620.jpg

Several days of trying to name her were crazy. She was outside playing when a neighbor said oh, she is Just Cute! Phill picked up on JC and thus she became Jacy!


She learned early on to sit flat on her butt and sit that way for a long time. Every one who saw her marvelled that she could do that. and since it was cute, she got treats and thus learned to be a very vocal beggar!!

She was an only dog for 9 years. Which was fine with her, she wasn't very friendly with other dogs.

We could always let her go outside on her own. She wandered around, visited the neighbors and always came back on her own.

We took her camping with us to Yellowstone and all around Nebraska. She really liked that and was very good!

Then one day her world turned upside down when we brought Lucy home. She went with us to a meet and greet, which was tense, but when they both were getting a drink from the same bowl, I took it as a yes from God that it would be ok.

FinchDVM 10623.jpg

Guess Jacy didn't hear God say that because she was mad for about 6 weeks. Then one day they started to play tug with a sock and it was all ok.

FinchDVM 10624.jpg

She got more mellow and tolerated other dogs in the house and yard including Tidus the Pit bull!!

FinchDVM 10631.jpg

She went with us on lots of long motorhome trips, Memphis, California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas and near home camping. But then last winter, in Texas she was really slowing down. Long walks wore her out and riding so far was uncomfortable. She was still pretty playful and would get "the terrors" around the house.


But then one day I saw some bloody spots on her pee pads. Trip to see Dr. Shawn and an ultrasound turned into sad news. Bladder cancer. Since by then she was 15 and there was no cure, we chose to love on her as long as she wasn't hurting.


But as winter was coming and our winter trip to Texas, we knew the time had come. Actually we needed the permission from Russ and Shawn that is was the right thing to do for her. Hardest decision ever! But the right one for sure. We are so thankful for Russ and Shawn who loved us and Jacy through it!


In Loving Memory

Jacy Finch

2002 - 2017