Luna is three months out from the end of her chemotherapy and one year out from diagnosis of lymphoma and is doing great!

Luna in her beautiful new coat from her friend Missy

Luna in her beautiful new coat from her friend Missy

“Do these things,” Dr. Clemans said.

“Okay,” I said, and I did. Every time Dr. Clemans tells me to do things and I do, my dog lives longer. So I try to always do what she says.

The things Dr. Clemans said to do were…an exam, lab work, chest x-rays, an abdominal ultrasound and a heart ultrasound.

Kelly and I did her exam, her lab work and her chest x-rays. Dr. Krapfl did her ultrasounds.


“Lookit!” Dr. Krapfl said. “Luna’s bladder looks like a snow globe!” And that is how we learned that Luna probably has a urinary tract infection. We will confirm with her lab work. Just as importantly, Dr. Krapfl and I found NO enlarged lymph nodes in Luna’s whole little self! And THAT is the best news of the whole ordeal.

Even though it was Joy who had anesthesia yesterday, Luna was more wiped out than Joy. Apparently, having all the tests, and needing to be a Good Girl during both ultrasounds, was exhausting. Luna slept for most of the rest of the day.

FinchDVM 47.jpg

She will have similar six month and nine month check ups. Then I dunno what…we hadn’t looked that far ahead. But now…maybe…we will.