Sorry about the big pause.

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I have been dealing with low level depression signs, just kinda feeling blah, and not writing at all.

I am hoping to get back to writing, because I love it - and you! I will probably post twice a week, including the comic, instead of daily.

I am doing better, and Luna is doing great! She goes back for her next chemotherapy session next week.

art by Abby

art by Abby

In other news...

Happy anniversary Finch! 22 years : )

I will be going part time in August! I will be able to be home when my kids get home from school most days! I plan on seeing as many surgery and medical patients as before, just in a shorter amount of time, so don't worry about availability.

A second client said I should not even be on the team since I don't see cats. For such a sensitive person, I would have thought that would bother me, but it amuses me. Thank you again for keeping me Dr. Bashara! And thank you Doctor Friends for seeing all the beautiful cats!

On an opposite note, one of my very favorite cat client couples adopted another cat. I will celebrate with them from afar <3

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Yesterday I accidentally wrote in a medical record that a panting dog was painting excessively, and it made me giggle the rest of the day.

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I hope you are having a good week! It is good to be back. Thanks for not giving up on me!


JUNE 28, 2016