Luna has finished her chemotherapy!

Tuesday was her last round of medication. All of her friends at VCA MidWest Vet signed a pink scarf for her with encouraging notes and love. She fell asleep with her pink scarf on, surrounded by love and support.

FinchDVM 12.jpg

Thank you Dr. Clemans.

Thank you Brandy.

Thank you VCA MidWest Vet Team.

Thank you Team Luna.

FinchDVM 13.jpg

We are not done fighting. Luna has quarterly check-ups to look for the return of the cancer, and we will be watching for signs of its return at home as well. She may need to go through a second and even a third round of chemotherapy. We will cross those bridges at a different time. This time is for celebrating <3

Please join us for an Open House to celebrate Luna's completion of chemotherapy!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

2:00 - 5:00 pm


Phill and Karen Finch's Home

We will have snacks!

Message me on Facebook or e-mail me for the address and directions -

In lieu of gifts, please come and tell Luna, "Congratulations Luna!" in a high voice. She will like that :)