Luna had a follow up ultrasound and spleen and liver biopsy with Dr. Clemans last week. The cancer is back. The lymphoma is in her spleen and now her liver too. The chemotherapy was not working.

We had a decision to make, and it took us almost a full week to make it.

Do we keep going?

We looked at our goofy, happy, playful, sassy dog and decided YES, we will keep going.

Are we crazy? YES.

Are we right? I DUNNO.

But we are comfortable with our decision.

Next - five IV injections of a fairly new cancer fighting medication called Tanovea. One injection every three weeks. If it does not work or Luna feels like crap, we will be done. Done done. This is it. But this could give us several more months with Luna. And for us, that is the best news we could hope for.

In the words of the great Dr. Sue, Cancer Vet, ”Already a statistics buster. Kick butt Luna!”

And so she shall.

FinchDVM 80.jpg