If you hesitate to call when you are not sure if it is time to say goodbye, call. And call again.

Sometimes I talk weekly with clients and friends and family for a really long time until the Sad Day finally comes. Those conversations are the (bitter)sweetest ones.

If you have trouble articulating why the euthanasia appointment is a relief and the saddest day and an ending and a beginning all in one, try to tell us anyways. We know.

If you need us to come to your home or you make and cancel your appointment several times, if you no-show, if you come at the very last minute before we close with no call…be kind to yourself. We get it.

If you feel uncomfortable crying in front of us, or not crying, or leaving for the procedure or staying…remember you are among people who understand.

I promise it is going to be okay. What seems like an awkward, shot in the dark, stopping and starting decision making process is the back of a beautiful tapestry.